World Stroke Day 2013: October 29th

1 in 6 people worldwide will have a stroke in their lifetime and have to adapt to a change in lifestyle. This may mean sourcing mobility aids and clothing to enable them to life independently, or with more severe strokes, relying on family or professional carers to help with daily living.

Over the years Adaptawear has gained a reputation for selling adaptive clothing that makes dressing easier, quicker and more dignified for stroke sufferers.

iona_open_back_nightieThe best selling Iona back-opening nightie is perfect for ladies who have lost the ability to raise their arms as it fastens at the nape of the neck and shoulders.

Team up with our cosy, double layer fleecy cape for warmth and comfort or the gorgeous fleecy wrap in a choice of 5 colours.

pj-all-in-one-PJS-man-in-bedThe unisex All-in-One Pyjamas and body suits open flat and enable the person to be dressed from a lying or seated position.

men_drop_front_trousersIf one side of the body is impaired, the ladies and men’s drop-front trousers have Velcro on the waistband and can be undone and fastened with one hand.

jacket-adaptawear-76The unisex magnetic jacket splits in 2 enabling it to be drawn up the arms and fastened at the back. Suitable for wheelchair users, it has magnetic buttons for easy dressing.

men_bed_jacketWonderfully warm, the men’s fleecy bed-jacket has sleeves that open wide for easier dressing and Velcro buttons, also suitable to wear during the day.

Check out the website for the full range of adaptive clothing suitable for stroke sufferers including our stroke factsheet on clothing for stroke patients. Most garments qualify for VAT relief and we try and dispatch same or next working day.


Lyndsay MacEwen

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