NEW Stock Best-Selling Men’s Trousers

Men- Trousers

We have recently received into our warehouse new stock of some of our best-selling smart, easy to use men- trousers.  Perfect to look smart this summer when out and about and our discreetly adapted but are easy to put on and take off.

  • Elasticated Waist Men- Pull On Stretch Trousers – Navy Stripe in sizes S – XXL
  • Elasticated Waist Men- Pull On Lightweight Poly-cotton Trousers – Stone or Blue in sizes S – XXL
  • Trouble Free Trousers with discreet side zips for easy toileting – Black or Grey in sizes S – XXL
  • Tracksuit Pants with side zips all the way down each leg – Navy in sizes S – XXL

Our range of adapted men- trousers provides an easy dressing solution for people with limited dexterity or special dressing needs.  Our range of men- adapted trousers include drop front trousers, trouble free trousers, incontinence trousers, easy to pull on trousers, elasticated waist trousers, open back trousers and side opening tracksuits.

Our popular range of easy to pull up trousers is for people who can stand and walk but have difficulty managing zips, hook fastenings or buttons.  If manual dexterity is a problem but even pulling up and down trousers is difficult or impossible then these trousers, which permit independent visits to the lavatory, could be the solution. They have proved to be particularly useful to people with dementia who forget how to manage fastenings.

Our adapted men- trousers are suitable for men of all ages including both for the younger disabled man or for the older man trousers.

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